Helpful Riding Tips While Visiting Nevada

Protective Headgear and Glasses

Any motorcycle driven on a highway in Nevada, the driver and passenger shall wear DOT approved protective headgear securely fastened on the head and protective glasses, goggles or face shields meeting those standards.

When a motorcycle is equipped with a transparent windscreen meeting approved standards, the driver and passenger are not required to wear glasses, goggles or face shields.

Lane Splitting

A person shall not drive a motorcycle between moving or stationary vehicles occupying adjacent traffic lanes.



The driver of a motorcycle shall drive with at least one hand on a handlebar at all times.

A person shall not drive a motorcycle equipped with handlebars which extend more than 6 inches above the uppermost portion of the driver’s shoulders when the driver sits on the seat and the seat is depressed by the weight of the driver.

Turn signals

Every motorcycle manufactured after January 1, 1973 which is intended to be operated upon Nevada highways shall be equipped with electric turn signal lamps.


Carrying passengers

A motorcycle shall not be driven upon a Nevada highway while carrying more than one person unless such motorcycle is designed by the manufacturer to carry more than one person and equipped with a passenger seat and footrests adjusted to fit such passenger.


Unlawful Passing

A person shall not drive a motorcycle abreast of or overtake or pass another vehicle within the same traffic lane.








The preceding is for informational purposes only and is subject to change and does not represent the entire scope of motorcycle regulations in the state of Nevada .  For the most current and complete list of Nevada Motorcycle Regulations please contact  the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles website  at

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